Sunday, September 29, 2019

My New Novel is LIVE!!!

Guess what, readers? My new novel, Snowed in with the Prince, is finally here!! I'm so excited. Here is the blurb: 

A prince leaving his kingdom to live a normal life. A small town librarian struggling to move on from heartbreak...can a snowstorm help this unlikely pair find love? 

Prince Gabriel “Gabe” Rafferty is not to ready to become king. Gabe craves privacy and time away from the spotlight that comes with being royalty. After striking a deal with his father, he leaves his home in Delnovia to live life as a regular guy in Forest Grove, North Carolina, for six months. 

Genevieve Porter is nursing a broken heart after an embarrassing breakup that was the talk of the town. She’s sworn off men and just wants to spend time with her friends and her books. After being deceived by her ex, she doesn’t trust easily. 

But when a snowstorm changes both of their plans, Genevieve finds herself snowed in at Gabe’s mountain home. While Gabe hides his true identity, he is falling for the pretty librarian and the peaceful town of Forest Grove. The more time he spends with Genevieve the more he realizes what it would be like to be with someone who sees who he really is and doesn’t just see power and a title. Genevieve fears falling for the handsome newcomer. Will Genevieve risk her heart only to find out Gabe isn’t who he seems to be? 

When the truth comes out, will love be enough to heal past wounds and help Gabe and Genevieve find their happily ever after? 

Please check it out HERE, and I would love if you would leave a review on Amazon after you have finished it. Reviews help other readers find my books. Happy Reading!

~E.C. Fountain

Thursday, January 10, 2019

All I Never Wanted is FREE!!

Dear Readers,

Hope you are having a lovely week! My short story, All I Never Wanted, is FREE on Amazon. I hope you take the time to read it, if you haven't already. Since I am so bogged down with work and school full-time, it is taking longer than I expected to get through with my next full length book. I'm working on it, though!

It really helps if you take a quick moment to leave a review (good or bad) on Amazon and/or Goodreads because it helps other readers find my books. If you are unfamiliar with my books, A Political Proposal is my first full-length novel and has gotten some great feedback. All I Never Wanted was a fun story to write, and I hope you enjoy it!

Click the image below to order All I Never Wanted.

She's waited ten years to see him again. What's the worst that could happen?

Washington High Class of 2003 ten year class reunion. Tonight, Carmen Atwood will get another chance with Ryder Jones. She's only been dreaming about him for the past decade. Armed with a new dress, Spanx, and way too tall shoes, she's ready to catch her man. 

Eric James is the nice guy next door, whose had his eyes on Carmen for over a year. Can he convince her to let go of her high school crush and see what's been in front of her face this whole time? Sparks fly in this romantic comedy of what could have been and what may be!

All I Never Wanted is the start of a new short story series, Reunion Romance. This is a short story with a happy ending.

Monday, October 8, 2018


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